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Unlike other forms of media, you can’t stop radio! We offer both traditional radio ad placements such as 30s radio ads, plus creative executions to seamlessly mention your brand on-air to over 63 Radio Stations Nationwide. Get your message across in their local dialect.

ifm Manila
DZXL Manila
ifm Cebu
RMN Cebu
ifm cdo
ifm bacolod
RMN Bacolod
ifm davao
RMN Davao

AM Stations


RMN Manila DZXL 558
RMN Manila DWWW 774
RMN Vigan DWRS 927
RMN Dagupan DWPR 1296
RMN Candon DZTP 636
RMN Cauayan DWDY 1107
RMN Lucena DZLT 1188
RMN Palawan (Narra) DWAJ 792
RMN Palawan (Roxas) DWJA 1134
RMN Naga DWNX 1611
RMN Naga DWRN 657
RMN Masbate DYME 783


RMN Cebu DYHP 612
RMN Bacolod DYHB 747
RMN Iloilo DYRI 774
RMN Roxas DYVR 657
RMN Kalibo DYKR 1161
RMN Dumaguete DYWC 801


RMN Bohol DYTR 1116
RMN Cagayan De Oro DXCC 628
RMN Davao DXDC 621
RMN General Santos DXMB 927
RMN Zamboanga DXRZ 900
RMN Butuan DXBC 693
RMN Iligan DXIC 711
RMN Dipolog DXDR 981
RMN Koronadal DXKR 639
RMN Surigao DXRS 1206
RMN Pagadian DXPR 603
RMN Malaybalay DXMB 648
RMN Cotabato DXMY 729
RMN Ozamis DXOC 1494



FM Stations


iFM Manila 93.9 (DWKZ)
iFM Naga 91.1 ((DWNX)
iFM Baguio 103.9 (DWHB)
iFM Dagupan 104.7 (DWON)
iFM Laoag 99.5 (DWHP)
iFM Pampanga 95.1 (DWRW)
iFM Cauayan 98.5 (DWKD)
iFM Lucena 98.3 (DZLQ)
iFM Palawan 103.9 (DWAR)
iFM Daet 94.1 (DWSR)
iFM Masbate 95.9 (DYME)
iFM Sorsogon 107.3 (DWQS)


iFM Cebu 93.9 (DYXL)
iFM Bacolod 94.3 (DYHT)
iFM Iloilo 95.1 (DYIC)
iFM Tacloban 99.1 (DYXY)
iFM Dumaguete 91.7 (DYGB)
iFM Roxas 93.9 (DYVR)
iFM Boracay 98.1 (DYBS)
iFM Bohol 91.1 (DYTR)


iFM CDO 99.1 (DXVM)
iFM Davao 93.9 (DXXL)
iFM General Santos 94.3 (DXCK)
iFM Zamboanga 94.3 (DXWR)
iFM Butuan 100.7 (DXXX)
iFM Iligan102.3 (DXIX)
iFM Cotabato 90.9 (DXCC)
iFM Dipolog 94.1 (DXZZ)
iFM Pagadian 96.7 (DXWD)
iFM Surigao 94.1 (DXKE)
iFM Valencia 95.3 (DXVR)



Our team knows that events are moments when audiences are engaged to become brand-converts. With 63 possible locations in various key cities across the archipelago, we can custom-design an event based on what culturally clicks with the community.


To further strengthen the on-air and on-ground components of your campaign, we complement them with online efforts featuring innovative experiences and branded collaboration through BrandVoice, RMN and MMV’s branded content platform available in web and social.

On social, branded content is posted via our BrandVoice social media page and amplified by our hyper-local digital community of over six million followers, 34 Facebook pages in different local dialects, plus 29 separate channels on YouTube filled with engaging content.

Our Digital Content Creation team produces content on Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok. We have over 200,000 published articles on our BrandVoice page in And if there’s a particular brand ambassador you have in mind, our RMN Talent Marketing team is here to help. RMN Digital offers endless possibilities, with more to come as new as new digital touchpoints emerge.


No matter the region, province, or dialect, we can obtain media intelligence from key cities across the nation. With our research in-hand, we can provide you with the best opportunities to engage your market, that’s culturally attuned to your preferred province, city, or community.

    • Nationwide database and reach
    • Knowledge of activities in key cities
    • Teams are culturally attuned and fluent in local dialects
    • Qualitative and quantitative surveys
    • Post production surveys
    • Focus Group Discussions (FGD)

Partnering with us is how the biggest brands go big time nationwide! Check out our roster of successful partners.