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Brand: Alaxan

Objective: Boost awareness on brand’s effective solution over topicals and other oral medicines.

Action: Develop a creative execution by integrating its benefit on a Radio Drama Script.


Brand: Restime

Objective: Educate moms on the proper solution to kabag or butod.

Action Plan: Carry out the Restime Butod Rangers in the VisMin region and tap various barangays Health Practitioners – midwives, nurses, and barangay health workers to educate moms about Colic and introduce Restime.

Brand: Tide

Objective: Drive product distribution and visibility of Tide Perfect Clean in sari-sari stores within the barangay

Action Plan: Conduct a sugod tindahan campaign to make Tide Perfect Clean the top-of-mind laundry detergent amongst suki sari-sari stores.

Brand: Tang

Objective: Increase consumption of Tang Sweet Orange in Mindanao by promoting their flavor variant specific to their local taste.

Action Plan: Mount a series of barangay-based activation that will help increase consumption of Tang Sweet Orange and induce product usage.

Brand: Skyflakes

Objective: Increase market share in Mindanao.

Action: Launch a POP send-in promotional campaign in Mindanao that would encourage the purchase of Skyflakes Crackers.

Brand: Milo

Objective: Promote the brand through physical fitness

Strategy: Establish an exercise routine for kids via on-air and online


    • Total Engagement: Banner Ad Invite – 106,107
    • Facebook Live – 100,223
    • Run in 7 stations for 12 weeks, every Monday-Saturday ROI total reach

Brand: Cream Silk

Objective: Boost awareness for the brand.

Mechanics: Use Cream Silk Sachets or Tube on their profile pictures.

Coverage: 8 runs per station (15)

Brand: Sunsilk

Brand: San Miguel Corporation

With their on-air exposure in selected rmn and ifm radio stations, SMC, in partnership with RMN’s Research and analytics center conducted a Campaign Efficiency research highlighting Brand Awareness, Recall & Brand perception on correct understanding of Beer Call and recall of stinger.

Project: 2022 Political Survey

In line with the 2022 National Election, RMN conducted a nationwide Face-to-Face interview/survey for 2022. The objective was to identify the preferred candidates of the Filipino voters for the National Government Election: President, Vice President and Senators. The motivations and reason behind their choses candidate/s was also included in the survey.

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