Reaching Millions Across The Nation.

Everyone tuned into us, is tuned into you! RMN Marketing and Media Ventures offers an expanse of hyper-targeted media touch points to fulfill your marketing needs. Take advantage of our strong network legacy, key media assets, ground-breaking events, and consumer-targeted ventures whether on-air, on-ground, or online.

MMV, Inc. (Marketing and Media Ventures, Inc.) was founded in 2015 with a business purpose and mission to sell and market not just the radio buys and packages of the country’s largest radio network, RMN but also to be the creative hub to service brands and advertisers looking for strategic and creative plugins to complement their radio plans. Over the years, MMV has served and worked with top, local, and multinational brands and advertisers for various creative media advertising collaboration projects.

Where we are today:

As Filipino consumers’ media habits continuously evolve, our ways to market our media products, and services also evolve with it. One of which is our incessant hunt for innovative ways and solutions to iterate and complement the “ALWAYS ON” advertising approach of many brands today.

Merged with local-behavioral and geographical insights culled from our consumer intelligence network and data-think-tank, we have come to a conclusion that as a media strategy, the “ALWAYS ON” approach can still be uniquely articulated if it’s latched on to the true context of how local Filipino communities actually consume media information, whenever, and wherever they are.

Where we are headed:

As one of the largest radio networks that has connected with and nurtured local communities not just nationwide but worldwide for over 70 years, our future-proof strategic media planning approach to complement “ALWAYS ON” is what we call the “ALWAYS ON-TARGET” journey.

ALWAYS ON-TARGET” is more than just a planning strategy, it’s also a progressive and econmpassing mindset that guides our creative and ideation processes relevant to our Client’s needs. At the end of the day, we don’t just sell you a radio plan with, we offer you a network of creative possibilities.

To see our “ALWAYS ON-TARGET” network products and services that you can creatively customize, go and sign-up to our RMN360X Dashboard.

Our Innovations Philosophy:

Collaboration as the most effective business model in this new era. We help each other grow.

More than a media company, we are architects creating campaign solutions that leverage our entire network. Our winning combination of on-air, on-ground, and online plans ensure that we cover your target market as effectively as RMN covers the nation.